August 21st, 2015
by Gabe

I REALLY want to give this movie a perfect rating. I really do, but there are so many things I had issues with, despite my fascination with this film.

The acting in Birdman is fantastic. Keaton deserves at least a nomination for Best Actor, if not a win. His duality between humanism and “super-humanism” is truly fascinating to watch. The supporting cast is great, especially Edward Norton, who plays an unpredictable method actor. Also, the editing is phenomenal.

However, this movie relies on “coolness.” There are really interesting decisions made by the director (the camerawork, the score, the lighting), but none of these decisions add anything to the themes of the film. They are simply done as cool gimmicks; I had similar complaints with Inarritu’s use of non-linear editing in 21 Grams. Despite my nitpicking, I still got a kick out of watching these weird decisions. And that’s Birdman.

Oh wait. Just kidding. There’s more.

This film has no central theme. Things are scattered around and glanced over, but there is no connection or correlation between these themes; they are merely presented.

However, these are simply little nitpicks. Birdman is actually a really enjoying watch, even if there are quite a few glaring flaws.


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