Top 40 Favorite Films: The Top 10

March 11th, 2012
by Gabe

Here’s the big ones. The one’s that I think are the best. So, here goes.

10. The Godfather

This movie is amazing. It has to be the greatest movie of all time. It’s my 10th favorite, but it has to be the greatest movie of all time. The music, the acting, the cinematography, it’s all so well done! I’d especially like to praise Al Pacino, James Caan, and , of course, Brando. Marlon Brando is so great as Vito Corleone. I love the emotions in all the characters and how they change, like real life. It’s awesome. This movie has gotten a lot of praise, so I won’t go on, but it’s a great movie.

9. Spirited Away

This is such a great animated film. Nothing can come close to this masterpiece. Not even Lion King or Fantasia. Hayao Miyazaki really made his masterpiece when he made this film. The visuals are so interesting and it’s hard to do, with such a simple plot. I also love how nobody is the villain. Everybody has an even balance of good and evil. Even Chihiro. If you haven’t, definitely give Spirited Away a watch. It’s an interesting and creative movie. You really get Spirited Away.

8. Amadeus

This is such an artsy movie, but it’s not a pretentious artsy movie like Across the Universe. It actually relies on plot and characters, not just set pieces and costumes. The acting in this film is superb. F. Murray Abraham was awesome as Salieri. Not many actors could do what Abraham did. Tom Hulce is also great as Mozart, himself. I love their constant feud. It’s so fun to watch. This movie is nearly perfect, for lack of a better word. It is the definition of beauty and visually stunning. It’s Amadeus.

7. Goodfellas

This is my favorite, if not the best Scorsese movie, ever. It’s a well done gangster epic about the evolution of a wanna be gangster’s friendship with the mob. It’s played out so well that it’s highly realistic, yet highly stylized. Every scene has a meaning and every scene has a point. Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Ray Liotta make a great trio of mobsters. When something bad happens to them, you really feel their pain, even though they’re criminals. Scorsese is a master of cinema and this film proved him to be.

6. A Clockwork Orange

I love this movie because of the satire. It’s such a comment on choice and morality. Malcolm McDowell is fantastically disturbing as Alex. He should’ve won the oscar! Kubrick directs this in a surreal way, so you don’t know what to think of it all. But that’s Kubrick for you. This movie is sick and depraved, but that really the environment it wants to create, so it succeeds. the best part is the scene where Alex beats up his gang. It’s well done and edited nicely in slow mo. This is a film that is usually taken as a stupid painful movie, but it isn’t. It goes up with Dr. Strangelove to be one of the greatest satires. Ever.

Now, the top 5.

5. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is the best edited, best filmed, best epic western I’ve ever seen. It’s such a good story! Every character is badass in their own way. Clint is badass, because he is. Lee Van Cleef is becuase he beats the crap out of the Ugly, and Eli Wallach is because he killed a bounty hunter and nearly killed Clint! Ennio Morricone did such a great job with the music, this soundtrack alone makes him my favorite movie composer. The GBU theme is a very popular song in popular song in pop culture and is often parodied in other movies. The music, the story, it’s all good in this epic western by Sergio Leone.

4. Pulp Fiction

No matter what, this movie will always be in my top 10. No matter what. Samuel L. Jackson was great as Jules Winnfield and his character has been parodied numerous times. My favorite parody is the hockey coach. But that’s another post. The way this movie is written is awesome. The royale with cheese and Marvin scene are great. I love them both. Not much to say, only a fun movie to watch.

3. Fight Club

Another 90’s cult classic, Fight Club steered you in one direction and totally turned you around when the twist came. Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter give great performances in this movie. Especially Edward Norton. He should’ve won the oscar (and this movie should’ve won, too)! I love the satire on big companies in the beginning. But, when you meet Tyler, Things totally change. Then, when the twist comes, things change, again. It’s like a roller coaster. It’s a great movie and everyone should see it.

2. Snatch

Is it possible? There’s a movie better than Snatch? Yes, there is. I saw it right after I updated my top 10 favorite movies. But, this gets the silver medal, so it’s all good. My favorite part is the writing. Not only the hilarious, snappy dialogue, but the creative characters Brick Top, Cousin Avi, Franky Four Fingers, and my personal favorite, Bricktop. Bricktop is one evil bastard! But, he’s hilarious! I think, personally, Alan Ford should’ve won the oscar for his portrayal of Bricktop. I love it! Add a great soundtrack and fast paced editing, and you get an awesome ¬†British gangster flick!

1. Paths of Glory

This is not only my favorite movie, favorite Kubrick movie, favorite underrated movie, and favorite war movie, i think it’s the greatest movie. the Godfather and Amadeus come close, but this is fantastic. It tells you the brutality of war, without really showing the brutality of war. Now, THAT’S hard to do! You do see some war scenes (best war scenes ever!), but it’s primarily a courtroom drama. I think Kirk Douglas should’ve won an oscar for his performance in the courtroom scene. It’s a great monologue. This is the best, 10/10.

Go check out the courtroom scene, Paths of Glory Courtroom monologue.

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  • Cassie says:

    Gabriel, these are awesome picks! I just saw F. Murray Abraham in a Bertolt Brecht play called Galileo. I was in the front row and found both the play and his acting to be remarkable. Goodfellas, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and Spirited Away are or will be classics. I even love Snatch, but I’m not sure if it would be in my top ten. But I’m impressed with your list and sophisticated taste in film.

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