Top 40 Favorite Films pt. 2 (30-21)

March 6th, 2012
by Gabe

30. Ghostbusters

This is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s a kids movie, but Bill Murray makes a lot of adult jokes. I bet if the the PG-13 rating was around then, it would’ve been rated that. But, it was rated PG. This movie also has one of cinema’s biggest *ssholes–Pencil Neck. I’ve always hated Pencil Neck. He’s such a d*ck, it sets Egon off! This also is one of the most well written movies. I could make a top 10 list of Ghostbusters quotes. A few of my favorite are, “I’m gonna go to Ms. Barrett’s apartment and check her out,” “He slimed me,” and my personal favorite, “Yes it’s true. This man has no d*ck.” Those are ALL said by Bill Murray! Anyway, if you haven’t seen this movie, your parents have no brain.

29. Raging Bull

I know it’s crazy to put one of the greatest movies of all time at 29, but it’s just my opinion, so don’t go ape sh*t. Raging Bull is a great movie. Phenomenal editing, acting, writing, cinematography, and directing by the ass-kicking Martin Scorsese. Actually, DeNiro forced Scorsese to make it after a major cocaine overdose. So, if Raging Bull hadn’t been made, Marty may not be alive today. My favorite part of the movie is the whole downfall. It’s so beautifully portrayed, even though it’s so tragic, like a Shakespeare play. Plus, the Black and White is a great editing choice by Thelma Schoonmaker, who won the oscar for best editing. Sadly, this movie lost Best Picture to Ordinary People. Raging Bull SO deserved to win!

28. Brazil

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is one of the craziest, mind-blowing films ever, both physically and mentally. It really portrays the future in a more plausible way than other Sci-fi films of the time. No lasers, no spaceships, and no intergalactic war. Terrorism, bureaucracy, and commercialism are the major things. This features a great performance by Jonathan Pryce and a great small part by Robert DeNiro, who plays a rebel against society. the best scene for me is the scene where Sam is about to get tortured. It’s so surreal and weird with it’s fish eye shot. But, it adds up at the awesome, twist ending. This movie isn’t about the story, it’s about the visual experience. This film is a mind-blowing classic.

27. The Shining

This is the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen. From the maze to the bathtub, it always gives me nightmares. But, it’s not just a horror movie. Since it’s Kubrick, it’s got a lot of symbolism and mysterious ways. You never really know the reality of the situation, you’re supposed to interpret it the way you want. But, this movie also has a plot, so it balances out evenly. My favorite part is Jack Nicholson’s over the top performance as Jack Torrance. The scene where he first meets Lloyd is so great. his laugh always makes me laugh. This movie is a very mysterious one. You never know if Jack is crazy, or if there are actual ghosts in the hotel. But, that’s for you to decide. One of the greatest Kubrick films I’ve ever seen. But remember, I said one of.

26. Taxi Driver

This is a Martin Scorsese film that explores the mind of a nobody New York taxi driver. It’s so well done, that instead of thinking he’s a terrible person, you end up liking him and seeing things through his eyes. DeNiro nails the role of Travis Bickle and turns him from dark antihero, to psychotic antihero. Plus, the portrayal of 70’s New York is haunting and turns Travis insane. Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, Jodie Foster, Albert Brooks, and Peter Boyle all give great supporting roles. Especially Boyle. Just a Scorsese film that can haunt and entertain you at the same time.

25. Ed Wood

This is a Tim Burton film that isn’t supernatural, but has a certain, stylized feel to it. It stars Johnny Depp as the filmmaker Ed Wood, who gets stuck in the cage of bad movies. It’s a depressing, yet happy film about a man who just wanted to be heard through his movies. Sadly, they all fail. This also is a warning to filmmakers that what your making might be crap. So, yeah. Martin Landau was fantastic as Bela Lugosi (he even won the oscar) and Vincent D’Onofrio has a great cameo as Orson Wells. The only problem is Horseface (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) is in it. She sucks. But, the movie’s great. Totally check it out.

24. Scarface

Al Pacino delivers one of his most over the top performances as Tony Montana who gets to the top and then crashes to the bottom. It’s a cheesy action movie, but under the cheese, is a tale of power and love and how Tony is ruined by both. It’s a tragic and entertaining tale. The end shootout is one of the best shootouts ever. Frank Loggia and Michelle Pfeiffer are also great supporting roles and the movie is set to go. This is a violent film, but it’s also fun, so give it a watch (if you haven’t already).

23. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This drug-fueled crazy, satirical, philosophical, and nonsensical acid trip of a movie is awesome. Johnny Depp and Benicio Del toro are the most epic combo ever! I love the culture are dialogue in this film, along with the music. The highlight of the film is the first 40 minutes. They’re hilarious! Deeper acid trips fill the second half. But, it’s all awesome. It may have gotten bad reviews, but Fear and Loathing is a fun movie to watch when you have time.

22. Beetlejuice

This is classic Tim Burton. Creative visuals, simple story, and Danny Elfman music. It’s all so great. Film was invented for Michael Keaton to kick over a plastic model of a tree. I saw this at a young age and it’s always stuck with me. It’s also got a young Alec Baldwin! Like, a REALLY young Alec Baldwin. The highlight is the end. That’s when Beetlejuice mainly does his thing. It’s hilarious. This film really is the perfect balance of horror and comedy.

21. Miller’s Crossing

To have the Coen brothers do a gangster movie is awesome to say the least. But when you see it, you are blown away. It’s a mix of old and contemporary gangster movies, along with the Coens’ own unique style. Gabriel Byrne, John Turturro, Albert Finney, and the best, Jon Polito always do a good job, but they’re especially good here. The best part is when Albert Finney shoots the crap out of the guys with a tommy gun while the song Danny boy is playing. It’s so badass! Anyway, everybody should see the gangster meets Coens awesomeness, Miller’s Crossing.


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  • Cassie says:

    Ghostbusters isn’t a kids’ movie! It’s for everyone and I agree that it’s one of the best ever. It may even be in my top ten of all time. Bill Murray is so awesome. “Nobody steps on the church in my town,” and “What did you do, Ray?” I love a lot of these, particularly Taxi Driver, Scarface, and Miller’s Crossing, but I have to say I am still in shock that you’ve seen movies like these already. Good grief!

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