Top 40 Favorite Films Part 1 (40-31)

March 4th, 2012
by Gabe

I’ve decided to compile my top 40 movies. Why 40? Well, I came up with more than 30, but less than 50. So, here goes.

40. The King of Comedy

This is the first of 5 Scorsese films on the list. It’s a great story about a wanna-be comedian. But, the only reason is because of the fame. When he get’s rejected, he does what any normal person would do, kidnaps the host of the talk show. It may sound abrupt, but the character is crazy. I LOVE DeNiro in this movie. He should’ve won the oscar for Best Actor. He plays this so well! Plus, it’s a black comedy with Scorsese camera angles and trade marks. What can I say, but a masterpiece about an insane outcast.

39. No Country for Old Men

This is the Coens going back to their roots (Blood Simple, Miller’s Crossing). This wasn’t a funny movie in the least. Blood Simple and Miller’s Crossing actually had some funny scenes, but No Country for Old Men is very serious. And that’s what I love about it. The seriousness is so realistic. But, lets get to our star, the killer, Anton. Anton is one scary dude. He kills people left and right and you never know why. But, Anton is supposed to be a representation of the criminal mind, and how you can’t understand it. And when you look at the movie that way, it automatically chills your bones. Jesus! Anyway, this movie really deserved that oscar, and it’s great it won.

38. Matewan

I just saw this recently, and it was amazing. I love how the tension builds up and up to the point that people die! Over coal mining! It’s a really fascinating and well written film. But, the best part, IT’S TRUE! That’s right, the story of Matewan, West Virginia is true. That makes it all the more interesting. Chris Cooper and David Strathairn are magnificent in this coal mine of drama. Watch this movie.

37. Desperado

It moved from 2 to 6 to 37. But, I still love it. I just like 36 movies better, that’s all. I love this movie, because of the extraordinary action sequences. Seriously, they’re epic! From the bar scene to the guitar case shootout to the rooftop scene, they’re all so awesome! Plus, Antonio Banderas is great and Salma Hayek is HOTTTTT!!!!! Seriously, she’s smoking! It’s very impressive that the film is so low budget and it looks so good. This is a great movie and people should definitely see it.

36. Rear Window

A lot of people think Vertigo is the best Hitchcock movie, but I think Rear Window is better. It’s more realistic and it has Grace Kelly, so it’s automatically better. Jimmy Stewart is great as the paranoid photographer. He’s so negative. But, Hitchcock is so brilliant, he makes sub-plots about the other characters. This movie is more than just a mystery, it’s a character study about this one photographer and how paranoid he is. If haven’t seen this movie, definitely check it out. I think anybody can like this film.

35. Dr. Strangelove

I love this movie because of Peter Sellers. People think Pink Panther or Being There, but I think his hands down funniest performance is in Dr. Strangelove as the President, the Captain, and the doctor. Plus George C. Scott is hilarious as the military man who is so against Sellers. But, this movie is basically over the top stories of what actually could happen. A General has a nervous breakdown, so he sends troops to bomb the Soviet Union. It could be a drama, but it’s played off as a black comedy, which is the reason I love it. This only proves that Kubrick is a genius.

34. The Man who wasn’t There

I think this is not only a very underrated film, but an extraordinarily good underrated film. I think this is a representation of what the Coens are all about. A simple story that grows into an all over the place complicated one. Billy Bob Thornton does a great job as the main character and Tony Shaloub is great as the smooth talking lawyer. He’s better here than he is in Monk! But, what this film leads up to is really uncalled for, but it’s realistic. Only, it’s kinda hypnotic, this movie almost puts you in a daze. It really deserves an analyzation.

33. T2: Judgement Day

This is better than Terminator because it’s less of a B-Movie and more of a science fiction action thriller with a bigger budget and better acting. I think everybody likes this movie. It’s dark, yet it’s got some funny moments. It’s also thought provoking and has a scary as sh*t bad guy. Robert Patrick was freaky as the T-1000. It was because he looked like a cop! But he was a robot made of liquid metal that kills us all. The action scenes and special effects don’t actually dominate the plot here. And that’s the main reason it’s so good. It’s a good balance. If you don’t watch this movie, Cyberdyne will send back a Terminator that’ll kill us all. So, you better watch it, quick.

32. Inglourious Basterds

This is nothing short of a silly action movie. But, it’s a fun watch, even if it’s two and a half hours long. It doesn’t rely on the action or any special effects, it rely’s on characters and gore. That may sound dumb, but it’s a fun movie. Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz were fantastic, as were Melanie Laurent and Mike Myers! Yeah, Mike Myers had a cameo! It’s awesome! I just want to say, if World war II ended this way, it would’ve been awesome. And that’s coming from a pacifist. Anyway, some scenes are brutal and hard tow watch, but all in all, it’s just a fun movie.

31. Clerks

This movie is hilarious! Every joke and piece of dialogue makes me laugh. Just like Inglourious Basterds, it’s a fun movie, but in my eyes, it’s more philosophical and more dramatic. These people find out what they’re gonna do for the rest of their life in a Saturday. It’s really fascinating. Randal is the best part, though. He’s such a slacker, but you like him and can relate to him, even though he toatlly puts Dante in trouble. This movie is just hilarious.

Next time it’ll be part 2 (30-21)!



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  • Cassie says:

    You always have such great recommendations so I just now added Matewan to my Netflix queue. Thanks, man! The King of Comedy is in there too. I can’t believe you’ve seen No Country. Gees Louise! I love Desperado, especially the soundtrack and Dr. Strangelove. Great posts!

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