Top 10 Underrated Movies

February 16th, 2012
by Gabe

10. Stripes

There were a lot of funny movies in the 80’s. From Caddyshack to Money Pit to Ferris Bueller to Blues Brothers, they were the first of the “raunchy” era. And the film Stripes is no exception. Sadly, a lot of people don’t know the movie Stripes, even though they own three copies of Ghostbusters. Seriously, Stripes is a freaking hilarious. But the thing is, a lot of the dialogue isn’t dirty. It’s driven by Bill Murray’s great dead-pan performance. Add some great writing by Harold Ramis and comedic director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Meatballs) and you have one military experience you won’t want to forget.

9. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Back in the 70’s, after 2001 and A Clockwork Orange were made, Stanley Kubrick wanted to make another sci-fi film. He wanted it to be about robots, specifically a boy. So, for the next 25 years, Kubrick assigned writer after writer on this idea, but never came to the write script. In the mid 90’s, Kubrick discussed his idea with director Steven Spielberg, who was a friend and fan of Kubrick. When Kubrick died, Spielberg decided to direct it. After a couple of years, it was complete and was named A.I. Artificial Intelligence and was released in 2001. This is a great movie. A lot of people complain that Spielberg was too optimistic with the idea, but I think it’s quite dark for Spielberg’s taste. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Spielberg, I think of a chase scene set to cute John Williams music. Not a city made for sex robots! Jesus!! But the best thing is how it’s so creative and revolutionary in visuals, the genre, and in old fashioned storytelling. I’ll probably post a review sometime going into more detail, but I’ll leave it at this for now. So, watch this goddamn movie!

8. The Man Who Wasn’t There

Another film from 2001, The Man who Wasn’t There is a Coen Brothers movie that pretty much goes like any other Coen Brothers movie. But everybody hated it and used it as there ass-wiper. And these are the same people that praised that dumb animated film, Rio. What’s so bad about this movie? It has everything a Coen Brothers movie should have. Simply complicated characters, a simply complicated storyline, charming dialogue, and brilliant symbolism. But here’s what our buddies the critics have to say. Here’s what Tim Robey of the Daily Telegraph had to say, “A perfectly executed illustration of what is not, quite, great about the Coen brothers, which is a kind of grandstanding, and another kind of weirdly alienating insincerity.” What do you mean this isn;t what’s great about the Coens?! These guys make movies like this all of the time. O Brother Where Art Thou?, No Country For Old Men (won the oscar), Fargo. Any of those ring a bell? But the real essence of the movie comes from the homage to old Film Noir of the 40’s and 50’s. The black and white, murder mystery, and dramatic music are all cliches of old Film Noir. The point, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

7. Jackie Brown

This was Tarantino’s follow up to Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, which are REALLY hard to top. Tarantino, being the crappy film nerd he is, decided to make an homage to blaxploitation movies of the 70’s. If you don’t know, Blaxploitation movies were action movies starring african americans as Clint Eastwood types, going around killing people to funky music. And if you know Tarantino, you know he eats these exploitation movies up. So, he decided it would be a heist movie with Pam Grier, the star of famous blaxploitation films such as Foxy Brown and Coffy. He added some more stuff and Jackie Brown came out in 1997. I’d just like to say that in no way is this movie better than Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. But, it’s still fantastic. Everybody acts really well here. Even Michael Keaton! But the one person that sticks out like a sore thumb is Robert Forster, who plays a bail bondsman who gets mixed up with Jackie. He’s magnificent. He should’ve won the f*cking oscar!!! But I’d also like to point out the lack of violence in this movie. Usually Tarantino has buckets of blood come down on people. Not here. Rarely does violence occur. Sadly, this movie gets overlooked. Everybody watches Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, or Inglourious Basterds. Oh, and if you don’t know why I didn’t say Death Proof, it’s because it sucked. Anyway, SEE THIS FILM!!!

6. Le Cercle Rouge

This is a foreign film released in the 70’s by my favorite foreign director (besides John Woo) Jean Pierre Melville. He’s famous for films like Le Doulos and Le Samourai. But for me, this movie takes the cake. First off, it has one of the longest heist scenes EVER, and second, Yves Montand. Yves Montand comes way into the movie, but he’s great as the nervous thief. But, Alain Delon and Gian Marian Volonte are great too. Not much to say, only if your offered to watch a Melville movie, choose Le Cercle Rouge.

5. D.O.A.

When I say this, I mean the 80’s remake of the 50’s movie. This is one of those instances where I enjoy the remake better than the original. Dennis Quaid does a great job as the college professor. He really nails that intellectual type, almost better than Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. But, I think what’s so great about this movie is how all of the mysterious things unravel so slowly, like your watching a film noir. But I like this better because it’s more stylized and has better acting. Even though it has a bleak ending, doesn’t make it bad. It makes it interesting and starts a discussion. That makes a good movie.

4. The Lady Vanishes

Alfred Hitchcock is known for making movies like Rear Window, Psycho, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. But a lot of people haven’t seen his early work like The Lady Vanishes. Lady Vanishes is a real thought provoking mystery, because unlike any common mystery, everyone has a secret and I mean EVERYONE. Plus, Michael Redgrave is great as the smartass male companion. It’s a shame he didn’t go anywhere. Again, not much to say, only, you should DEFINITELY get this on netflix!

3. The King of Comedy

Why in the hell did this not win the oscar? DeNiro should’ve won, at least. This is a depressing movie, but it’s a good one. The end also reminds me a lot of Taxi Driver. It’s so surreal that your not sure it’s real. I’d have to say, I think the end is in Rupert’s head, because throughout the movie, he pretends things are going on in his head. So, I think he’s probably still in jail. But, that’s what so great about this movie. It starts discussions. Plus, DeNiro should’ve won the oscar!! The movie should’ve too. Anyway, check out this movie. It’s really great.


2. Snatch

Guy Ritchie’s comedic gangster movie is fantastic, but nobody’s seen it. Everybody’s wrapped up in these stupid, big budget, cash cow 3-D blockbusters and they don’t look into the passion. Snatch is a passion for film. Some people may criticize the editing, but I think it’s well paced. Also, all of the characters are fully developed. And the acting is A class. Dennis Farina and Alan Ford, especially. Anyway, this is a great movie and everybody should at least give it a chance. And if you don’t like it, I shove you by the tie in my car window and drive.

1. Paths of Glory

Everybody bitches and moans about how Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut are underrated. Bullsh*t, Paths of Glory. Nobody EVER talks, watches, reads, or even CARES about this movie. I’m telling you that this is my favorite movies and it happens to never be noticed. It wasn’t even nominated for an oscar when it came out, which is a shame. Paths of Glory is one of the best war movies ever made. It tells it like it is, no sugar coating crap. It doesn’t have a happy ending, hell, it doesn’t even have a happy moment! And everybody says, “Don’t you wanna be happy?” Not when I’m watching a war movie. A movie where people die. How can you make that happy? I also just saw Warhorse and although the World War I scenes are good, they don’t even compare to the war scenes in Paths of Glory. Anyway, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! Seriously, catch it on netflix. It’s awesome.


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  • Cassie says:

    I am so happy to see Le Circle Rouge on your list! Right on! That really is a great film. Yves Montand is fantastic. The reason I love the film so much is because of the philosophical questions it raises about human nature and why people do what they do, especially when it involves crime. I also love Stripes and Snatch! I still have some catching up to do with some of the other films. :)

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